Saturday, February 17, 2018,  from 10 am to 3 pm


Sunday, February 25, 2018,  from 10 am to 3 pm


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a message

from sandra

It’s time for every race, nation and human to see the importance of coming together, supporting and respecting one another. It’s time for instated division to be replaced with UNITY and an understanding of the crucial role we all play in creating a positive future, and it’s time for us to revisit ideas that aren’t as accepted as they perhaps should be! 

​Our movement-driven event — encourages and inspires those who desire to plant, cultivate and grow "Seeds of Greatness" in their lives as well as others, by continuously working and striving towards a healthier, happier and a more peaceful world.  It takes more than one person to lift off a car! With our strengths and diversity, we can effectively create the necessary dynamics to ensure a brighter and more successful future in our communities.  

Pursue your quest to success and personal fulfillment by joining us in an action-packed day of educational exhibits, inspirational lectures, fitness demos, music, dance, arts, culture and fun entertainment for the entire family!

Small beginnings

MindBody Expo founded in 2013, was created by social entrepreneur Sandra Tribioli, CPT, CHHC, ADDP, to assist the well-being and progress of our communities, while supporting those conscious-businesses and industry experts who understand the benefits of enlightenment and valuable strategic alliances.

MindBody Expo facilitates opportunities and connections making emphasis on education, protecting the well-being of humankind, animals and the environment. Our dedication to quality, transparency, sustainability and giving back guides us in everything we do. 

Giving back becomes an important part of our mission when a percentage of its proceeds will fund local organizations who educate others to better themselves, building awareness and self esteem. We want to make this world better and safer for our own and future generations!

Our goal is authenticity! Not only with the selection of exemplary contributors but the values that stand behind them. Our standards are based on integrity which have always been at the forefront of our business model.

Together we shine

We’re channels through which spirit and oneness illuminates the world.